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About the history of the house

The villa was built in 1879 by the then District Administrator Joseph Rolshoven for his wife Marie. However, two years later he was summoned to Stralsund by the royal government and had to sell the house. In the turmoil of two world wars, a checkered history followed. Among other things, it served the French occupying forces after the Second World War as "Delegues du Cercle d'Unterlahn".

From 1954 onwards, spa guests underwent healing treatment using the methods of the "clay pastor" Emanuel Felke, who is also considered the father of complex homeopathy. Felke's cures essentially consisted of healthy eating and outdoor exercise. Many of his instructions and a portrait still adorn the walls of the stairwell and the restaurant.


Pastor Emanuel Felke
Villa Oranien Luftbild

In 1997 the villa was extensively renovated and reopened as the hotel "Villa Oranien".

​Since the beginning of 2017, the Kiessling family has taken over the management of the house.

Villa Oranien Event in Diez, 01.07.2017-
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