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Our culinary recommendation of the season:

"The mushrooms are sprouting!"




Our creamy wild mushroom cappuccino

served with garlic bruschetta



The classic garden salad

with fried mushrooms and bread rolls, with potato dressing

€10.50 as a starter

as a main course €15.50



The crunchy salad

with sautéed chanterelles, Barbary duck breast from the aroma smoke

and nutty dressing




Fresh creamed chanterelles

in a fine herb cream sauce with dumplings and salad




Medaillon of beef fillet with fried king oyster mushrooms

with potato gratin and market vegetables




Zander fillet fried with fresh herbs

on porcini mushroom ravioli tossed in lobster and tarragon foam




Salmon fillet grilled with thyme

on steamed oyster mushrooms, with polenta and Parmesan dumplings

and arugula pesto


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