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Summer menu



On hot days we recommend a chilled soup - wonderfully refreshing!





Spicy sausage salad

Would you like it classic or Swiss style with cheese strips? We serve it with fried potatoes.



Salad Nicoise

with boiled egg, marinated potatoes, black olives, crunchy French beans,

red onions, tuna and balsamic dressing



The Chef's Salad

Large colorful salad plate with strips of cooked ham, Maasdammer, peppers,

Egg, radish, tomato, cucumber and a vinaigrette



Refreshing orange, rocket and fennel salad

with baked goat cheese in a herb crust and a peppery dressing



Selection of fried game fish and king prawns

on crisp summer salads and a finely tuned tomato dressing



We are also happy to serve these salads as a starter.





"Orange starter platter"

A choice of cured salmon, smoked duck breast, Italian country ham

and antipasti, served with a crispy salad



Roasted Sausage from the Palatinate

on a spicy white cabbage and caraway salad with fried potatoes


Pork steak "Strindberg"

Best German country pork steak

under an onion and mustard crust with fried potatoes and a mixed salad



250 g Sirloin steak from young bull

with homemade herb butter, small salad and fried potatoes



Redfish fillet fried with fresh herbs

on homemade ravioli with saffron sauce



The "Villa Max"

Freshly toasted country bread with raw and cooked ham, mountain cheese

Pickles, homemade tartar sauce and fried egg, with French fries




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The “Orange Burger”

220 gr. grilled beef topped with braised onions, marinated mushrooms,

Fried egg, crispy bacon and hollandaise sauce, with potato wedges



Our Orange Club Sandwich

with smoked chicken breast, crispy bacon, boiled egg, tomato, cucumber and iceberg lettuce,

with French fries and farmer's salad


The "green veggie"

Tomato & mozzarella patty with black olives and parmesan,

with rocket salad in a basil bun and wedges



From our “Oriental Corner”:



Lebanese pita bread filled with chicken breast strips marinated in oriental spices, leaf parsley salad, spring onions and tomato, with tahina dip and sweet potato fries




Traditional Egyptian “poor man’s food”:

Chickpeas, lentils, vermicelli rice, pasta and baked onions

with spicy tomato-coriander sauce and Lebanese bread salad


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